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Gothenburg Landvetter Airport is conveniently located close to the center. For more travel information visit

Airport buses – Flygbussarna

It takes 30 minutes to travel between the airport called Landvetter and the city center, the bus stop by central station is called “Nils Ericson Terminalen (Göteborg C)”. Tickets costs SEK 95 single way and SEK 185 return, no cash accepted on the bus only credit cards. For information and timetable please visit

Airport Taxi

Costs approximately SEK 420 to/from Landvetter Airport. Ask for a fixed price.

The driver should have a taxi ID card clearly displayed in the vehicle. Service is included in the taximeter price. Avoid unlicensed taxis.

We recommend:
Taxi Göteborg: +46 (0)31 650 000
VIP Taxi: +46(0)31 27 16 11
Taxi Kurir: +46 (0)31 27 27 27


SJ Swedish railways:
MTR Express:


Lindholmen Conference Centre  is located in Lindholmen Science Park.

The bus stop is called: Lindholmen
The boat stop is called: Lindholmspiren

Tickets and time table

For travel information and travel planner download the app “Vasttrafik” travel planner or visit the website: Nordic delegates can also use the travel planner and pay the trip via the the app “To Go”.

You can buy a day card or 3 day card ticket in most convenience stores such as Pressbyrån, 7-eleven etc.

You can pay with credit card on the trams but not on the bus (then you have to buy a ticket in advance).

Please note that no cash are accepted on buses, boats or trams.

By bus

One good way to get to Lindholmen is by bus. Line 16 departs every three minutes during high traffic in the morning and in the evening. During the day, it departs every ten minutes. It takes 6-8 minutes from the Central Station (Nordstan) to Lindholmen.

By ferry

The ferries “Älvsnabbare” offers free rides and departs every five to ten minutes from Stenpiren or Rosenlund (close to Järntorget) to  Lindholmspiren. The trip will take about 5 minutes and the free shuttle is available betwen 7am and 7pm.

There is also a pay ferry called “Älvsnabben” boat number 285 that runs between Lilla bommen – Stenpiren – Lindholmspiren – Slottsberget – Eriksberg – Klippan. This boat runs longer hours and you can pay with credit card on the boat or with Västtrafik travel card.

The stop “Lindholmspiren” is situated right in front of the Lindholmen Science Park area.

Bike rental: Styr & Ställ

Gothenburg is a bike friendly city. Throughout the city you will find bike stands with rental bikes. For only SEK 75 you can rent a bicycle as often as you wish. The first half hour of each journey is always free, regardless of the number of journeys per day. Short time visitors can choose the 3-Day Pass, which can be purchased from any of the credit card terminals for just SEK 25. It is also included in the Göteborg City Card.
More information:

Göteborg City Card

Göteborg City Card gives you free admission to lots of entertainment, sights, excursion, Liseberg amusement park and many museums. Parking and travel with trams, buses and boats are included. You’ll also get shopping booklets with discounts in selected stores. Maximise your stay in Gothenburg. The card is valid for 24, 48 or 72 h.
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